Yet another Q&Q good deed- this time with a safari edition!

While we are deeply blessed by the fact that our office is frequented by wild hummingbirds and hornbills, we have never seriously thought about how trendy and eco-friendly SmileSolar watches could do its part for Africa the great plains of nature. 

But the HQ at Q&Q went beyond our imaginations with their partnership with CoolHunting (a popular American online media) to bring to secondary school students in Mfuwe, Zambia,  800pcs of a specially designed limited edition SmileSolar watch. Together, this beautiful idea of creating something so practical for the students,most of whom had never owned nor worn a watch before, brought smiles to the faces of these students. This is truly an act of providing Time For Everyone. 


And finally, a video (full credits to which showcases the gift of timepieces to these African students!

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