Japan June 2014- Q&Q Pop-Up Store at Omotesando Hills

Our Warmest Konichiwa!

We have just returned from the official launch of Q&Q SmileSolar watches at Omotesando Hills, Tokyo Japan, and it was an exciting experience seeing how Q&Q SmileSolar was showcased along Tokyo's prime-most shopping district.

Right along the walkways and throngs of Tokyo fashionites, Q&Q's splash of red was a definite eye-catcher. We were most delighted to have met and caught up with the various brand & marketing personnels, talents, and designers who made Q&Q SmileSolar watches shine on a global stage.



With their very own ring-flash photo booth which loads directly onto various iPads within the store!

The actual watches on light boxes and of course the most iconic bubble-gum dispenser machine!

Overall, with Q&Q SmileSolar's exciting launch and along with the beautiful spring/summer in the middle of prime Tokyo, we could not ask for more in life!


Now we leave you with more pictures taken by our wonderful colleagues, showcasing the spirit and trendiness of Q&Q SmileSolar!

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